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Pink Runtz Review

pink runtz


The Runtz family only seems to be growing as more people become increasingly aware of its beautiful smell and heady effects. A mysterious off-shoot of the original Runtz strain that’s been building its own immense hype, lately, is the Pink Runts strain.

No matter where it came from, the Pink Runtz strain is undeniably gorgeous to feast your eyes upon. Dark, sassy green hues largely make up the color of this bud, with sneaky alcoves of purple interwoven. This is the kind of super chunky indica-dominant bud that you need to bust out the grinder to break down.

Pink Runtz Strain

pink runtz strain

Terpenes and Effects

When smoking the strain, you may taste a sweet strawberry and grapefruit flavor. With the same creamy and candy-like qualities that the original Runtz has, the Pink Runtz might deliver a similar kind of experience and high.

The flower form of the strain is often found with the dominant terpene being caryophyllene. Despite its overwhelmingly sweet qualities, this spicy terpene is dominant throughout the strain’s lineage. What the terpene doesn’t lend in taste, it may make up for in potent effects. For instance, the high that comes from smoking some Pink Runt may make you talkative and boost your mood.


Pink Runtz is a remarkable strain with a delicious fruity flavor, a rainbow-like appearance, and a plethora of exciting effects. As a balanced hybrid, it offers the best of both worlds with its high, inducing happiness and fits of giggles combined with a numbing body experience that will let you melt into the couch.

Pink Runtz :Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

Aside from its stunning effects, Pink Runtz is a striking strain before you even use it. It has a dazzling appearance accompanied by tantalizing aromas, and the flavors alone are enough to keep you coming back for more.


“Strikingly sweet” is the way most people would describe Pink Runtz. Of course, it has the typical earthiness characteristic of any marijuana strain, but its uniqueness stems from the fruity tones. Primarily, users are likely to detect notes of cherries, berries, and strawberries.

Many users are pleased to discover that Pink Runtz is a rather subtle strain. It’s not as pungent as many others, making discreet smoking a possibility.


The flavor is very similar to the aroma, with fruity overtones dominating its profile. Strawberry is the order of the day, but strong notes of grapefruit are also detectable. The combination of sweet berries and citrus grapefruit creates a sour-candy-like flavor profile that’s really delicious.

The sweetness lingers on the tastebuds, which could have you craving just one more toke.


The name gives away Pink Runtz’s most special feature. Amongst dense nugs of olive green, Pink Runtz sports flecks of pink on the edges of its growth. A rainbow of other hues, including blue and purple leaves, decorate this plant. It’s a marvel to grow and makes a welcome addition to any cannabis garden.

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