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Hawaiian Runtz Strain Review – Good Taste and Aroma

hawaiian runtz strain

Hawaiian Runtz Strain Extracts Review – Good Taste and Aroma

Today we will take a look at hawaiian Runtz strain, one of the latest collaborative brands to come out of Smoky Weeds Box. So far, we covered some of the concentrates from Lemonnade and Minntz, both of which are collaborations with Cookies Enterprises. Runtz currently offers flower eighths, cartridges, and concentrates at most dispensaries in California and Oregon as well as most Cookies and Lemonnade locations in Los Angeles, Portland, and Washington. For this review, I’ll take a look at the pros and cons of Runtz live resin sugar.


  • Excellent quality
  • Great taste/aroma
  • Good potency/effects
  • Very smooth


  • Not quite as potent as other live resin concentrates

Recommendations: The potency of the live resin sugar could be improved.


If there was such a thing as a perfect hybrid mix of THC, Hawaiian Runtz would probably be in the top three considering how far back its hybrid parents and grandparents go. This weed strain is popular for its fast acting effects and how quickly users become high from just a few tokes.


An extremely well balanced hybrid strain, Hawaiian Runtz strain is an uplifting strain that inspires creativity and a nice burst of energy. This can be a great wake and bake strain as it is versatile enough to take a hit or two and get yourself going in the day. The tropical taste of fruit flavors combined with an instant mood enhancing effect makes this a top shelf strain, especially how fast it acts once you start smoking it. You’ll feel like you can take on the world and that’s a pretty bold statement considering what we’ve all lived through in 2020.


Hawaiian Runtz strain review is best for those with chronic pain because this strain will have you feeling good from head to toe. Ranging up to 23% in THC content, if you smoke enough you will definitely become sedated and experience couch lock. However, a few puffs will still have the pain melting away and those uplifting feelings start coming to the forefront.


Another reason to smoke some Hawaiian Runtz strain is to ease the anxiety and stress levels throughout your busy adult life. Every stoner enjoys a good pick me up in the form of a joint and Hawaiian Runtz strain is top tier when it comes to making someone feel good and relaxed. Anxiety and stress can often have you in your head a lot more than you should be and this is a nice strain to use throughout the day or at night whenever those feelings start to settle in.

Almost as tasty but not quite as potent as Wonderbrett, Synergy, and Cali Stripe

Both live resin sugars were slightly tastier but just as potent as the live resin concentrates from Nug, Guild Extracts, and Terp Hogz in terms of flavor, potency and effects. But they were also almost as tasty as the top-tier live resin concentrates from WonderbrettSynergy, and Cali Stripe Concentrates, but not quite as potent.

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